Canned cat food still badly needed.  
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Help Rescue Abused and Abandoned Animals

Visit http://www.i-love-dogs.com/ for info on anything canine!

Find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Another-Chance-Animal-Rescue/177004249026393

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A Great Time Was Had by All!

What: Gala Pet Celebration
When: Sunday March 30th
Where: North Berwick Community Center from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Our first Annual Pet Expo event was a great success and we plan to have an even bigger and better one next year! Thank you to everyone who came and took part.

Next Rabies Clinic

When: Sunday, April 27, 2014
Time: 9:00AM-12:00PM
Where: North Berwick Community Center, Lebanon Road
Cost: $10.00 per Rabies vaccination

Dogs must be on leashes, cats and ferrets in carriers.

ALL towns are welcome!
FMI please email us at boomeredgewater@gmail.com or call us at 676-9330. Thank You!

Remember the Maine tax checkoff for spay/neuter funding!

Tax Check Off

Income tax time is right around the corner and there is an easy way to help animals in Maine and the people who love them: the tax check-off on our state tax form that partially funds Help Fix ME, Maine's state-wide low-cost spay/neuter program. A new law removes any tax check-offs that do not reach a certain threshold of contributions. The funds this check-off supplies are vital for Help Fix ME.

The check-offs are “buried” on Schedule CP of the tax form so folks have to know to look for them. For this reason contributions have been decreasing so we are working to get the word out. It is a "use it or lose it" situation.

Don't miss the 2013 Stray Thoughts newsletter!

Black goes with everything!

We always have lots of terrific black cats looking for loving homes because it is a common color for cats and not a favorite with many people. Our selection includes (but is not limited to!) those pictured below. Please visit our Petfinder page for more details and more wonderful black cats!

Serenity, Vido, Miss Kitty, Jasmine

Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat:

  1. You can't tell if they're dirty and their teeth always look White!
  2. Black is very slimming - holding your cat will make you look extra-slender.
  3. Save time on date night [ you won't need the lint brush on your little black dress.
  4. Black cats are the most fun to play hide and seek with.
  5. They have a "black belt" in cuddling.
  6. You'll always have a Halloween decoration on haond.
  7. In most cultures, a black cat in your home brings good luck!
  8. Black cats make great accessories - they go with everything.
  9. Your cat doesn't care what color your hair is.
  10. They are the least likely to be adopted and need your love the most!

Please vote for Another Chance every day!

Vote for Another Chance!We need as many people as possible to vote for Another Chance in the Shelter Challenge every day. This will help us win money and merchandise to help us help animals and the people who love them. Just enter "Another Chance" in the search box on the Shelter Challenge page and then vote for "Another Chance Animal Rescue" in the list that appears. You can even bookmark the page to make it easy to return every day. Thanks for your help!

Current adoption fees:

We have a limited number of kittens along with many wonderful adult cats looking to be part of your family. Our current adoption fees are:

  • Adult cats (over 1 year) - $50
  • Kittens (up to a year) - $95 each
  • Cats 8 years and older - no adoption fee
  • Speciality breeds - priced individually

Keep an eye out here and on our Facebook page for special adoption events in the future!

Need pet-care services?

Try Bonnie's Cat Care Visits & more, LLC: http://www.bonniescatcarevisits.com/ Knowledgeable, dependable, and highly recommended, Bonnie will care for your pet(s) like they were her own.

Need a pet-friendly apartment?

Try this nationwide listing site: ApartmentList.com

New way to help Another Chance:

This only applies to your first order so get all your friends and family to order food, treats, or supplies too!

Need help getting your pet spayed/neutered?

Visit http://www.spaymaine.org to find help near you and enjoy a video of Tim Sample.

Buy a beautiful photo and benefit Another Chance:

Visit www.etsy.com/shop/BuddhistPalm - if you purchase a photo and choose Another Chance as the rescue of your choice, $2.00 will be donated to us, to aid in helping animals.

Need Help Spaying-Neutering Your Cat?

A low-cost spay/neuter clinic has opened at the Animal Welfare Society on Holland Road in West Kennebunk(near Exit 25 off the ME turnpike). If you are low-income, are receiving or qualify for State or Federal Aid, and you need help spaying/neutering your cat, call the Animal Welfare Society at 985-3244 ext. 120 or visit http://www.shelterclinic.org/index.php. A spay/neuter is $45 or less and a rabies shot is available for an additional $8.00 (cash only). If you don't reach them, leave a messaage and your call will be returned.

Freeport Community Spay-Neuter Clinic

Freeport may seem like a long way to go but it's worth the trip for affordable spay/neutering! For pets between 8 weeks and 8 years of age. Other services available at time of surgery include vaccinations, Advantage, and FELV/FIV tests for cats, vaccinations, Advantage, and heartworm tests for dogs. Visit the Community Clinic website for futher information. Ensure your pet a longer healthier life and help prevent the overpopulation that results in so many shelter killings and suffering strays.

When It's Cold Outside…

When cold freezing weather is upon us, please take extra care to get your pets in at night. If you have outdoor animals such as rabbits, etc….please be sure that they have extra hay for eating, straw for warm bedding and twice as much food and water. Be sure to change the water often…it is very hard to drink a solid block of ice when you are thirsty. Dogs and cats should NOT be left out for extended periods of time. If it is cold for you waiting with a coat on, imagine being out all night without one. Animals left outdoors suffer frostbite and can die a horrible, painful death from exposure/heat loss. Read more about outdoor pet care.


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