Another Chance Animal Rescue is an all volunteer organization. From doing paperwork when a homeless animal first arrives to cleaning litter boxes and providing basic medical care, volunteers do it all. 

We are always looking for volunteers to work at our main foster location, 251 Country Club Road, Sanford, every day of the week, performing various tasks from cleaning, socializing, feeding paperwork and taking our charges to their routine vetting appointments too! 

We also need volunteers to work at special adoption events and fundraisers at various times throughout the month and year. There is ALWAYS something to do and as many hands as we have we can always use more!

You tell us when you have free time in your schedule and we'll give you a job to do.

Have you ever thought about fostering a cat?

Since Another Chance is a foster-based rescue, it's important that we have a network of responsible, dedicated volunteers who are willing to open their homes to care for kittens and cats until it's time for them to be adopted.

  • Sometimes that means taking in a cat who is ill and needs daily medication, ensuring that cats receives the medical attention it needs.
  • Some volunteers take in pregnant mother cats and care for them throughout pregnancy and birth, also caring for their litter.
  • Being a foster could also mean taking in a feral cat and taking the time to work with him or her, to get the cat to a point where it's friendly enough to be adopted.
  • Being a foster could also mean letting a perfectly healthy, friendly feline share your home home until there's room at our main adoption site or one of our satellite locations.

For more information, fill out an application to become a foster and contact Marilyn at 207-490-2855.

"It's the most rewarding gift you can give to a cat or kitten...and while it's hard to let them go when the time comes for them to find their furever home, it's also such a feeling of accomplishment, pride and love - like a mother letting her child spread it's paws!"

~ One of Our Volunteer Fosters ~

"... Because Every Animal Deserves Another Chance"

Volunteering at Another Chance can be a rewarding experience and you may even bring home a friend or two...OR a whole litter!